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Eva 23 Dec 2004 08:42

Here is!!
Stay well, dear friend!! :heart:

dottie 23 Dec 2004 17:06

God Bless and keep you during 2005........

sherrie87 24 Dec 2004 04:29

With fondest wishes that 2005 is the year that brings you back to us, our friend!

Sherrie :heart:

Eva 24 Dec 2004 08:12

MERRY CHRISTMAS from my heart to yours!! :heart:

dottie 24 Dec 2004 14:00

We all miss you and hope you wil return to us in 2005, or when you are ready......

You may be far away, but never out of our thoughts....

Eva 24 Dec 2004 22:53

:heart: Thinking of you all day!! :heart:

dottie 24 Dec 2004 23:01,,555_r,00.gif

Eva 25 Dec 2004 10:18

MERRY CHRISTMAS again, dear friend!!

mariella 25 Dec 2004 10:50

Have a warm and lovely Christmas, please :heart:

dottie 25 Dec 2004 14:42

To our very dear friend.........

Eva 25 Dec 2004 23:06

With love, dear friend!! :heart:

dottie 25 Dec 2004 23:32

Re: Love and Support

Originally Posted by dottie
Hi All who read this.....

Everyone of us has a special friend on these Forums who is unable to visit at this present time - I am unable to mention her name for various reasons but I feel if we could leave her a message of Hope, or a short poem, in fact anything that shows our love and support, maybe just maybe she will look in and see that we all care and wish her well, and that some time in the new New Year she may feel able to return to the fold.

Always remember a Guardian Angel sits on your right side, he will protect you and love you, support you and care for you, until this time in your life passes........

We approach 2005 and wish our friend all the love in the world.......

mariella 26 Dec 2004 00:05


Originally Posted by dottie
True friends are hard to come by - Your first true friend should be yourself

Today I met a great new friend
Who knew me right away
It was funny how how she understood
All I had to say

She listened to my problems
She listened to my dreams
We talked about love and life
She'd been there, too, it seems

I never once felt judged by her
She knew just how I felt
She seemed to just accept me
And all the problems I'd been dealt

She didn't interrupt me
Or need to have her say
She just listened very patiently
And didn't go away

I wanted her to understand
How much this meant to me
But as I went to hug her
Something startled me

I put my arms in front of me
And went to pull her nearer
And realised that my new best friend
Was nothing but a mirror

Retold by Kimberly Kirberger

I rememered you posted this when our friend was still felt this is exactly what she was to us - a reflection of the best we can be!...and I will always love her for it and hope her days are bright!

She has shown us to love unconditionally and focus on what is important to us, I feel...we are all different, yes, but if we treath eachother with respect and kindness - this world can be a magical place!

...waiting with open arms at Any time you are ready to come has been a whole year, but we have all the time in the world!

Kathy 26 Dec 2004 01:00

Merry Christmas!!!

... never lose hope


Eva 26 Dec 2004 09:13

If I should describe her in few words I would say:
She IS L O V E and understanding

Thank you, dear friend, for your friendship!!!
You are in our hearts forever!!
Because who got your love can't forget you!! :heart:

dottie 26 Dec 2004 15:29

All of us here wish you the very best for 2005, and are thinking of you every day through this topic......

Eva 27 Dec 2004 00:18

With very much love and commercials from 1999/2000 back on top!! :heart:

LostSoul 27 Dec 2004 00:55

I wish you all the best for 2005. A new year... a new start... although some things remain the same... :hic: :angst: :keke:


Eva 27 Dec 2004 10:00

Your guardian angel should take care about you again, my dear friend!! :heart:

Eva 28 Dec 2004 09:50

Love is in the air to you - as always!! :heart:

dottie 28 Dec 2004 17:20

Eva 29 Dec 2004 09:21

I wish you shelter from the rain
I wish you freedom from all pain.
I wish you riches untold
And all the joy your heart can hold.
I wish you sunshine from above
But most of all I wish you love.
(author unknown)


dottie 29 Dec 2004 13:15

I received your gift this morning - we will always be there for you..........

Everyone has to start somewhere,
No matter how daunting the slope
Though your spirits may sink to your bootstraps
And you may feel you simply won't cope -
But take just one step, then another,
Just a pace at a time, taking care,
And then, when you look for the summit
You'll suddenly find your're there!

Love, hope, and joy, fair pleasure's smiling train,
Hate, fear, and grief, the family of pain,
These mix'd with art, and to due bounds confined,
Make and maintain the balance of the mind;
The lights and shades, whose well accorded strife
Gives all the strength and colour to life.

We all take different paths in life, but your words and compassion will be with me always..........

dottie 29 Dec 2004 13:17


Originally Posted by dottie
An excerpt from - A Friends Greeting by Heather Haff

I'd like to be the sort of friend that
you have been to me,
I'd like to be the help that
you've been always glad to be.

I'd like to mean as much to you
each minute of the day
As you have meant, old friend of mine,
to me along the way.

I'd like to do the big things and
the splendid things for you,
To brush the grey from out your skies,
and leave them only blue.

dottie 29 Dec 2004 13:19


Originally Posted by dottie
Special People

Isn't it funny how some special people
Don't realise they're special at all?
They're thoughtful without even thinking
They're always there when you call......
They share not expecting a thing in return
Yet always seem richer for giving
Isn't it lovely how these special people
Can teach us so much about living
Your're one of these special people ............
Thanks for being my friend

Thank you to all who have posted here over the past year, this topic is for our special friend and will continue until the day they return.......

sherrie87 29 Dec 2004 21:29

Thank you to Dottie and Eva for being the bedrock of this topic, you are true and loyal friends.

To our friend, thank you for reaching out to us then and now, it will be a great day when we can talk again. I wish you only the very best things in life, you deserve them. :heart:


Eva 30 Dec 2004 09:58

Es gibt Menschen, die sind wie das Meer
There are people who are like the ocean
Ihre Freundschaft ist wie ein schöner Platz am Strand
Their friendship is like a nice place at the beach


dottie 30 Dec 2004 17:06

Our door will always be open for your return..........

We are

dottie 30 Dec 2004 17:10


Originally Posted by dottie
Finding my Way

Finding my way in a world filled with darkness, wondering which way to go.
The light of hope has been diminished by time, dimming to just a dull glow.

I'm watching my back and listening closely, struggling through each moment.
Vainly clawing at the walls surround me, not even making a dent.

Looking around and not seeing anything, "What is it I need to know?"
Around every corner surprises await, the tension begins to grow.

A light in the shadow, a guide for my soul, something to brighten the grey.
A path I can follow, the direction to go, someone to show me the way.
Finding my way in a world filled with darkness, isn't as hard as you think.
Just grab a friend who will stay 'til the end, the dark will be gone in a blink.

dottie 30 Dec 2004 17:31

Somewhere over the rainbow
Way up high,
There's a land that I heard of
Once in a lullaby.
Somewhere over the rainbow
Skies are blue,
And the dreams that you dare to dream
Really do come true.

Eva 31 Dec 2004 01:50

Thank you, dear friend!!

:heart: :heart:

Eva 31 Dec 2004 10:04

I wish you MUCH luck in the New Year, dear friend!!

And I hope with all my heart that all your wishes come through!!


dottie 31 Dec 2004 16:43

From me to you with so much love and support......

Please have a Happy New Year, and may all your dreams come true for you during 2005 :)

Eva 01 Jan 2005 09:18

HAPPY 2005, dear friend!!

Much Healthiness and Luck should be your fellows in the New Year!!


dottie 01 Jan 2005 19:59

mariella 01 Jan 2005 23:53

May the winds be warm, the spirits kind and your days be happy in 2005, dear friend! :heart:

Eva 02 Jan 2005 09:49

THANK YOU for the comfort of your friendship!! :heart:

dottie 02 Jan 2005 20:55

Your year.......

I believe in tomorrow - a new day - a new beginning

On its way to you very soon...........

Eva 03 Jan 2005 09:04

(((((FRIEND))))) :heart:

dottie 03 Jan 2005 16:51


Eva 04 Jan 2005 07:24

Seemingly I am in a hug-mood right now:

(((((FRIEND))))) :heart:

dottie 04 Jan 2005 10:53

Eva 05 Jan 2005 07:35


(((((FRIEND))))) :heart:

Eva 05 Jan 2005 13:16

A dear Hello to you through airmail :heart:

dottie 05 Jan 2005 19:43


Originally Posted by dottie

Your year.......

I believe in tomorrow - a new day - a new beginning

On its way to you very soon...........

Eva 06 Jan 2005 07:38

Liebe und Freundschaft sind wie zwei Pflanzen an einer Wurzel.
Die Liebe mag die schöneren Blüten treiben,
aber die Freundschaft hat die stärkeren Wurzeln!

Love and friendship are like two plants just on one root.
The love has maybe the better bloom
But the friendship has the stronger root!!


dottie 06 Jan 2005 18:31


Originally Posted by dottie
Special People

Isn't it funny how some special people
Don't realise they're special at all?
They're thoughtful without even thinking
They're always there when you call......
They share not expecting a thing in return
Yet always seem richer for giving
Isn't it lovely how these special people
Can teach us so much about living
Your're one of these special people ............
Thanks for being my friend

Eva 07 Jan 2005 09:53

dottie 07 Jan 2005 11:01


Like a flower slowly opening the light is seeping into your world again...

Eva 07 Jan 2005 19:38

A dear Hello
from far away
for YOU :heart:

Eva 08 Jan 2005 15:01

Sometimes you find a very special friend,
Someone who changes your life just by being part of it!

Someone who makes you laugh when you need to laugh,
Someone who makes you believe that there really is good in the world.
Someone who convinces you that life is filled with doors
Just waiting for you to open them!

When you're feeling down,
And the world seems like a dark and empty place,
Your special friend lifts your spirit
And makes that dark and empty world
Suddenly seem bright and full!

Your special friend gets you through
The hard times and the sad times,
Your special friend holds your hand
And tells you everything is going to be all right.

And if you find such a friend,
You have a special friend for life,
And life is special!

Thanks For Being My Very Special Friend!


dottie 08 Jan 2005 16:29

Eva 09 Jan 2005 10:01

I send you an angel :heart:

dottie 09 Jan 2005 16:21

Eva 09 Jan 2005 22:02

Here's a little love until tomorrow!! :heart:

Eva 10 Jan 2005 07:34


With love!! :heart:

Eva 11 Jan 2005 07:47

No words necessary!! :heart:

mariella 12 Jan 2005 06:59

...just thought I would stop by before going to work... :heart:


Eva 12 Jan 2005 07:38

With love to you!! :heart:

sherrie87 12 Jan 2005 18:58

Mariella said:

...just thought I would stop by before going to work...

And I and sending my love FROM work- there are no bounds in our love for you, our friend!

:heart: :heart: :heart: :heart: :heart: :heart: :heart: :heart:

Eva 12 Jan 2005 19:37


Originally Posted by sherrie87

And I and sending my love FROM work- there are no bounds in our love for you, our friend!

:heart: :heart: :heart: :heart: :heart: :heart: :heart: :heart:

And I am sending my love after work - I am already at home (you are right Sherrie, there are no bounds)!!
Eva :heart: :heart:

Eva 13 Jan 2005 07:38

This board has 1110 member, but you are the one who is SO special to me!!
Much Love,

Eva 14 Jan 2005 07:41


Eva 15 Jan 2005 09:19


dottie 15 Jan 2005 17:41

Eva 16 Jan 2005 09:18

Friends are not
only together
when they are
side by side.
They are always
in our thoughts,
even when one
is far away.

Cathie 16 Jan 2005 22:20

I wish you happiness and love
To wash away your scars
To hold your hand up to the sky
And brush against the stars

dottie 17 Jan 2005 00:57

Beautiful Cathie :)

If I could hold a rainbow I would send it on its way, to a friend whom I hold dear.........

dottie 17 Jan 2005 01:30

Eva 17 Jan 2005 07:40

This is what I want to send to you:


A bit of the sun to smooth the blurry days... :heart:

dottie 17 Jan 2005 11:16

Four o'clock in the morning
Waiting for the light
It's another day dawning
Another day
A better life.

Walk out into the morning sun
We're always going to be with you.

May your day be as bright and as colourful as the kingfisher :)

Eva 18 Jan 2005 07:40



dottie 18 Jan 2005 10:57

A single rose can be my garden... a single friend, my world

A friend is a present you give yourself

Love is rarer than genius itself, and friendship is rarer than love

A best freind is lilke a four leaf clover, hard to find and lucky to have

sherrie87 18 Jan 2005 19:30

I was thinking about you yesterday evening, friend, and I hope you know how much love you have from everyone here. When you were able to be here, you were so supportive of Meat and all of us, I pray that soon you will come back and allow us to show you our love and support once again.

Sherrie :heart:

Eva 19 Jan 2005 08:55


If I had only one wish for free
I would wish you were here now


dottie 19 Jan 2005 19:27

Let the sun shine in.......

Eva 20 Jan 2005 07:43

It is only with the heart that one can see rightly,
what is essential is invisible to the eye.

(Antoine de Saint-Exupery)

:heart: :heart:

Eva 21 Jan 2005 07:40

"To know someone here or there with whom you can feel there is understanding in spite of distances or thoughts expressed ~ That can make life a garden."



dottie 21 Jan 2005 10:48

Eva 21 Jan 2005 17:32


Eva 22 Jan 2005 08:11

(((((FRIEND))))) :heart:

Eva 23 Jan 2005 10:14


I hope you will have a good Sunday!! :heart:

Eva 24 Jan 2005 09:16


Eva 25 Jan 2005 10:07

When you're down and troubled
And you need some loving care
And nothing, nothing is going right
Close your eyes and think of me
And soon I will be there
To brighten up even your darkest night

You just call out my name
And you know wherever I am
I'll come running to see you again
Winter, spring, summer or fall
All you have to do is call
And I'll be there
You've got a friend

dottie 25 Jan 2005 15:45

dottie 25 Jan 2005 18:50

Come join us......

Eva 26 Jan 2005 09:58

I am thinking of you!! :heart:
Hoping you are well!! :heart:

Eva 26 Jan 2005 16:42


dottie 26 Jan 2005 18:50
maybe here..........

Eva 27 Jan 2005 09:29

Take good care, dear friend!! :heart:

Eva 27 Jan 2005 22:49

I shot an arrow into the air,
It fell to earth, I knew not where;
For so swiftly it flew, the sight
Could not follow it in its flight.

I breathed a song into the air,
It fell to earth, I knew not where;
For, who has sight so keen and strong
That it can follow the flight of song?

Long, long afterward, in an oak
I found the arrow, still unbroke;
And the song, from beginning to end,
I found again in the heart of a friend.

(Henry Wadsworth Longfellow)


dottie 28 Jan 2005 00:40

Winter, SPRING, Summer or Fall - All you have to do is call, and we're all be there for you.........

Eva 28 Jan 2005 09:25

Click HERE :heart:

dottie 28 Jan 2005 11:05

Eva 29 Jan 2005 10:00

I hope you are well, dear friend!! :heart:

dottie 29 Jan 2005 18:44

Eva 30 Jan 2005 09:37

You can find my love here

dottie 30 Jan 2005 15:13

mariella 30 Jan 2005 15:19

...winter, spring, summer or fall :D


Eva 30 Jan 2005 15:51



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