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Eva 03 Mar 2004 12:34


Originally Posted by dottie

For ever :)

Yes, for ever!


Bigmomma 04 Mar 2004 01:25

still missing you like crazy, but in a way i think it is just as well you aren't here right now as it would upset you to much.
sorry folks just saying the truth.

Eva 04 Mar 2004 08:58

ROSIE 04 Mar 2004 09:27

Sorry have not been around for a while. still missing you please come back.


dottie 04 Mar 2004 09:43

Till we meet again :)

Sapphire Lady 04 Mar 2004 10:16

Your net buddies miss you.

Eva 05 Mar 2004 09:18

This teddy bear looks similarly sad as I am!

ROSIE 05 Mar 2004 10:00

If ever we needed you back it is now :( :( :( :(

R :( sie

dottie 05 Mar 2004 11:29

Forever together :)

Bigmomma 05 Mar 2004 11:56

sending an angel to watch over all of you while i am away.
will be of line for three weeks till they can put the phone line in the new house, so until then, especially to our dear friend take care, and love and hugs to all.

Eva 06 Mar 2004 10:40


dottie 06 Mar 2004 11:34

Please turn the page :)

ROSIE 06 Mar 2004 17:50

I could really do with a hug from you right now :(

R :( sie

black dog 06 Mar 2004 17:55

A Big Hugs on it's way to you Rosie.

Eva 07 Mar 2004 09:03

Liebe Freundin,

ich vermisse dich hier!! :cry:

Much love

dottie 07 Mar 2004 12:26

Without you we do as well sometimes :)

ROSIE 07 Mar 2004 18:52


dottie 08 Mar 2004 09:44

Please join us :)

Eva 08 Mar 2004 10:36

with Love!!

dottie 09 Mar 2004 08:46

A huge :bunny: hug to a very special person :)

Eva 09 Mar 2004 09:03


Originally Posted by dottie

A huge :bunny: hug to a very special person :)

The same here as you know, dear friend!!!

ROSIE 09 Mar 2004 10:34

Soon please


Eva 10 Mar 2004 09:06

I miss you and your kindness here!

Much love!!

dottie 10 Mar 2004 11:29

This little piggy sends all her love and hugs to you :D

Em 10 Mar 2004 17:31

looking forward to your return

dottie 11 Mar 2004 10:19

Never a day passes..................

Eva 11 Mar 2004 10:35


Have you ever thought what this word stands for?
Read on....

Do you know that a simple "hello" can be a sweet one?

The word HELLO means:

H = How are you?
E = Everything all right?
L = Like to hear from you
L = Love to see you soon!
O = Obviously, I miss,


Much love to you!!

ROSIE 11 Mar 2004 13:34

Where are you? :(

Missing you so much :(

R :( sie

mariella 11 Mar 2004 22:36

Really miss you A Lot!



Eva 12 Mar 2004 09:05


dottie 12 Mar 2004 09:47

and back again........................ :)

Eva 13 Mar 2004 10:18

Just thinking on you again.....

dottie 13 Mar 2004 10:23

We are "Forever Young" :)

LostSoul 13 Mar 2004 16:17

Still around and still thinking of you!


Eva 14 Mar 2004 13:41

Just thinking on you .... again.....

dottie 14 Mar 2004 14:34

One day you will :) again!

Eva 15 Mar 2004 10:01

sad love...

dottie 15 Mar 2004 10:10

Come join us :)

ROSIE 15 Mar 2004 10:15

You've been gone too long come back it is safe here now :)

R :) sie

Eva 15 Mar 2004 15:23

Today I MUST write here twice because it is a sad day for me and here I can maybe find a little bit comfort...... :cry:

Em 15 Mar 2004 23:26

Sorry you are feeling sad today Eva. I think if our missing friend returned it would cheer us up. Hoping you feel ready to come back soon.

Eva 16 Mar 2004 09:03

a special big


dottie 16 Mar 2004 09:36

As always and will continue to do so until you return..................

dottie 17 Mar 2004 09:28

"Let the sun shine in, let the sun shine in, Oh yeaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaah! Let the sun shine in :)

Eva 17 Mar 2004 09:52


mariella 17 Mar 2004 22:39

Been thinking about you many, many times on this special day! do NOT get to choose 'family' will not like all of them (simply Not possible)...they are just 'there'...FOREVER!!!



dottie 18 Mar 2004 10:58

Square hugs and Round hugs winging their way to you :)

Weezy 18 Mar 2004 11:17

:? Who is this for? :?

Eva 18 Mar 2004 11:33


Originally Posted by Weezy
:? Who is this for? :?

For a wonderful friend... :D

Eva 18 Mar 2004 11:35

Today here are two peoples to give you love:

and myself...

Weezy 18 Mar 2004 11:36


Originally Posted by Eva
For a wonderful friend... :D

Ok :D Are we allowed to know what's up?

Eva 18 Mar 2004 11:43


Originally Posted by Weezy

Originally Posted by Eva
For a wonderful friend... :D

Ok :D Are we allowed to know what's up?

Sorry, Weezy :?

Weezy 18 Mar 2004 11:48


Originally Posted by Eva
Sorry, Weezy :?

No probs! 8)

Hugs to whoever it is :D

Eva 18 Mar 2004 11:53


Originally Posted by Weezy

Originally Posted by Eva
Sorry, Weezy :?

No probs! 8)

Hugs to whoever it is :D

Thanks for understanding, Weezy!
A big hug to you, too! :D

Eva 19 Mar 2004 10:53

I wish you always LOVE and LUCK, dear friend!!

dottie 19 Mar 2004 10:55

Will we ever be together again like this? :)

Our Love and Support goes out to you........................

dottie 20 Mar 2004 11:13

Come join us please - It would make us :D

Eva 20 Mar 2004 12:02

A big hug to my dearest friend again


sherrie87 21 Mar 2004 02:11

I wish you could really feel the many hugs and good wishes we have sent your way from this place! Looking forward to talking to you again some day!


Eva 21 Mar 2004 08:49

We both are missing you here terrible

dottie 21 Mar 2004 13:35

......and lots of them :)

Eva 22 Mar 2004 09:17

This I found in the web today.
It says exactly what I feel, my friend:

I've nothing else to offer,
So, to you, it's love I'll send,
It's nothing that I borrowed,
And it's nothing that I'd lend.

It has no dollar value,
And it can't be overused;
It isn't fragile, so it can't break,
Though, often it's abused.

I've given it to others,
But each time it's unique,
Itís meaning's always different;
It depends on what you seek.

It's something you can store away
To feel when you're in need,
But never is it on display;
It's beauty can't be seen.

I'm giving it "no strings attached,"
No costly warranty;
This love that I am sending
Has a lifetime guarantee.

dottie 22 Mar 2004 11:11

Come join us - you've been away to long :( :)

airhead 22 Mar 2004 22:00

((((((((((((((((((((HUGE HUGS))))))))))))))))))))))))))

Eva 23 Mar 2004 09:05




dottie 23 Mar 2004 09:58

Lots of Bear Hugs to you :)

Sapphire Lady 23 Mar 2004 10:18

Eva 24 Mar 2004 08:31

Much love to you, dearest friend!!

dottie 24 Mar 2004 10:12

The Easter Bunny sends his love :)

w_baskerville 24 Mar 2004 15:44

makes me sad reading this!!!!!!!

Eva 25 Mar 2004 09:03

Today I found this to write here for you, dear friend:

You are always my friend
when I am happy
or when I am sad
when I am all alone
or when I am with people
You are always my friend
if I see you today
or if I see you a year from now
if I talk to you today
or if I talk to you a year from now
You are always my friend
and though through the years
we will change
it doesn't matter what I do
or it doesn't matter what you do
Throughout our lifetime
you are always my friend

dottie 25 Mar 2004 10:18

No matter how long it takes.......................................

ROSIE 25 Mar 2004 10:21

I'm so sorry that I have not been able to post here for a few days :( I was catching up with the boards last night and read one of your posts and for a moment my heart lifted I thought you were back :lol: but then I saw the date and realised how long ago it was since you were last here :( :(

Please get back in touch a.s.a.p. there is so much to tell you

R :( SIE

dottie 26 Mar 2004 09:45

Welcome to my world.................. step inside love :)

Eva 26 Mar 2004 15:08

It's only love and friendship....

Eva 27 Mar 2004 10:04


dottie 27 Mar 2004 11:12

We are all hurting without you..................

mariella 28 Mar 2004 00:23

We ARE Family...hope you will be able to feel this soon, again!
We will always be here...I do NOT have that many 'sisters' in real-life/and You!
...miss you like crazy...but More importantly...want you to be happy again!

Now...have I told you just How much I love you, Lately!?

All my love (and you know How much that is!)...from Holland to you!


LostSoul 28 Mar 2004 00:38 & :D Hope you're doing well...


Eva 28 Mar 2004 13:43

Much love to you, my dearest friend!!!

dottie 28 Mar 2004 14:00

Brimming over with love and hugs especially for you..................

dottie 29 Mar 2004 10:22

May you find your rainbow, walk across and back into our lives...................

Sapphire Lady 29 Mar 2004 10:31

Eva 29 Mar 2004 11:29

Please get my love again.....

sherrie87 29 Mar 2004 16:09

Still missing you, we will be overjoyed when you return!


Eva 29 Mar 2004 16:26


Originally Posted by sherrie87
Still missing you, we will be overjoyed when you return!


We will!!

dottie 30 Mar 2004 09:45

Home is where the heart is........................... :)

Eva 30 Mar 2004 10:07

Today I want to give you a special love!!

ROSIE 30 Mar 2004 10:49

Sorry I haven't been around but I have not stopped missing you :(

R :( sie

mariella 30 Mar 2004 17:17

I hope life is kind to you on this Very Special day!


Mariella, Roel & Djami

dottie 31 Mar 2004 09:47

As Always..................

Eva 31 Mar 2004 10:30

As always, too:


dottie 01 Apr 2004 09:30

Still waiting for you to return................................

Eva 01 Apr 2004 11:06

hugs and love, my dear!!

dottie 02 Apr 2004 09:29

More than words can say........................... missing you

Eva 02 Apr 2004 12:24



dottie 03 Apr 2004 10:13

The circle has been broken since you went away :( please come back :)

Eva 03 Apr 2004 10:35

you are so far away
but very near to my heart!!

dottie 04 Apr 2004 10:34

The sun is out, the sky is blue,
but we are all still missing you.................

Eva 04 Apr 2004 12:23

From Germany!!

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